How To Seriously Not Give A Damn

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The struggle is real. Work sucks, unemployment is still high, every day is getting more and more stressful and, Trump is running for President. I mean f*ck! When’s this sh*t gonna come to an end? Probably not anytime soon, so how does one deal? Simple: by not giving a f*ck. The more f*cks you give, the harder you make an already hard life. But of course, how? How does one go through life no longer giving a f*ck? Well I just to happen to know. And here’s the simple steps how…
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Not giving a f*ck isn’t about being indifferent. It’s about being ok with being different. In other words, the whole world may be into the Kardashians (for example) – but if you hate them because it’s not your thing – f*ck them.
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Remember: Opinions are like assholes – everyone’s got one. So f*ck other’s opinions that come across as fact, opposing yours.
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Everyone’s selfish – even the most seemingly giving person you know. The day you realize this, is that day it becomes easier to say f*ck you to others.
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Drop the idea that life is supposed to be comfortable and happy all the time, and you’ll see how much more comfortable and happy life becomes.
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Not giving a f*ck will bring you a lot of adversity. But you’ll truly not give a f*ck when give a f*ck about something more important than adversity. Essentially, keep your eye on the prize (whatever it is), instead of the struggles others give you on the way to.
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The secret to happiness is this: Doing what you love, doing who you love. Keep life this simple, and zero f*cks will be given towards anything that gets in the way of you achieving this.
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All that matters is your relationships with those close to you, and no one else. The faster you get this, the sooner you’ll have less f*cks to give to anyone else that really, just don’t matter.
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We only have so many f*cks to give. So pay attention to whom, and where you give them.
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